An Early Spring

Plant people long for Spring. Looking at all the seed catalogs is cool, but having the little green beings sprouting and hanging out with them is really totally cool! In the dead of winter there is nothing as wonderful as some snippet of green to perk up a meal.


I noticed that the Sunflower Market still has herbs for sale in little pots. That gave me an idea! How about a big pot with three herbs in it to snip for those winter meals? What a great gift for myself and for my foodie friends. All those paper whites and tulips are fabulous flowers and add good color just when we need it, but herbs? They bring us fragrance, flavor, and can be planted in the flower bed or garden come Spring!


If fact, I think I’ll just open a couple of seed packets and start some right now! Or shall I make mine weeds? Sorrel, plantain, clover, and purslane maybe…yum!

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